Gingivitis protection & plaque reduction

Dentoblis Dentoblis packaging

Key marketing aspects

  • reduces gum inflammation
  • supports healthy & protective oral microflora
  • clinically tested
  • targeting the root causes of the major dental and gum diseases
  • world‘s first patented oral probiotic strain for tooth health, BLIS® M18 (EP 1483366 B1)
  • pharmacy exclusive


  • contains the most significant human oral probiotic species1 
  • effectively colonizes the oral cavity2
  • produces lantibiotics that inhibit dental pathogens (e.g., Streptococcus mutans and Actinomyces naeslundii), and enzymes helping to break down plaque and neutralize acidity
  • reduces supragingival plaque and gum inflammation4

How to use

  • for adults
  • daily after tooth brushing
  • after professional dental cleaning
  • after antibiotic treatment
  • when travelling


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Dentoblis® is a registered and licensed tradmark by BLUESTONE PHARMA GmbH
BLIS® is registered trademark of BLIS Technologies Ltd.