Probiotic solution for allergic rhinitis

Key marketing aspects

  • targeting the most commen allergic disease
  • unique combination of patented probiotic strains selected for restoring the allergic immune system
  • reducing both eye and nasal symptoms in perennial rhinits
  • improving quality of life during allergy season (even in subjects using pharmacotherapy)
  • natural alternative to pharmacotherapy
  • clinically tested in children & adults
  • pharmacy exclusive


  • 3 randomized clinical trials published reporting improvements in a total of 305 subjects treated with Rhinozyn
  • significant reduction of clinical symptoms of perennial rhinitis1,2
  • significant improvement of quality of life (RQLQ) in seasonal rhinitis3
  • stimulating the Th1 immune response and reducing IgE synthesis6
  • vitamin D modulates the immune response and is associated with aeroallergen sensitization and allergic rhinitis4


  • children & adults
  • once a day
  • long-term use
  • stand-alone or add-on to pharmacotherapy


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Rhinozyn® is exclusively marketed by BLUESTONE PHARMA GmbH, contact: info@bluestone-pharma.com